Quality Curriculum

Didactic Teaching for Internal Medicine Residents

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U of Chicago Quality Improvement Fundamentals (Vinci, Oyler, Arora, Johnson)

The following are lectures used in teaching basic QI principles to internal medicine residents during successive ambulatory block rotations.

Introduction to Quality

Process mapping and PDSA Cycles

Sustainability and Spread

History Policy and Theory

Pay for Performance

Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement Curriculum and Bibliography

Internal Medicine 3rd Year Student QI Modules and Tools

Reduction of Unwarranted PPI Use   Whelan 2006 JGIM      Student Example - Silverman, Taub

Risk Assessment for Venous Thromboembolism    1-month tracker general med admissions

Routine Geriatric Principles to assess newly admitted elderly  Davis 2004   1-page assess tool

Delirium Assessment   CHAMP weblink   Inouye NEJM 2006  Student Example  Chang Chaudary

Health Literacy Screening   Chew    Fam Med 2004   3-question validated pre-op screening tool

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